Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apple Panned

Apple Pan – 10801 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064
The Apple Pan is always on the short list when it comes to naming L.A.’s best burger. For many people it is pure nostalgia, but for me it was just another day at the office. As I finally found a seat I did indeed get a kick out of the old timey servers, novelty drinking cups and the classic dining room, but I was more interested in their famous burgers. guyeatingburgerThe burger was really good, as was the cheese. One thing that really propelled it was the ketchup/relish combo that came off like some kind of American-style chutney. One thing that held the burger back was the considerable amount of lettuce. I thought it might have been just me but I saw some guy with the same amount of lettuce on his burger. Fortunately I was able to sneak up behind him and get a shot of his lettuce burger to prove my point. And then to seal the deal I took a picture of the cook with an entire counter full of lettuce ready to overdo each and every burger they fried up. The fries were the worst I have had yet. They have so many customers that they really rushed things along, therefore serving out loads of undercooked fries. Haste makes waste. Despite having a bad batch of fries and a little too much of the green stuff on my burger it was still very good. applepanTo end on a high note the apple-pie ala mode was outstanding and I’m not much of a sweet guy. The dessert out shined the burger, and put the fries to shame. To finish on a low, my bill for a burger, fries, Dr. Pepper, and pie was $20.25 (not including tip). Yikes! Apologies for panning the Apple Pan and all their fans, but it’s hard for me to drop that kind of coin on a burger and dessert and walk away feeling like it was money well spent.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome To Greaseweek!

Greaseweek is officially launched! After months of pulling hair out of my head and shoving burgers down my throat things are up and running. After looking at many other food bloggers website I feel as if I did the path of most resistance. Many of them appear to be on some sort of template, where they type in the content and the site does the rest. Not me, was built from the ground up and is a true testament of all of the hard work and all of the calories I have consumed. I suppose next on my fairly long to do list is making more frequent blog posts. I've got to stay loyal to all three of my followers. Thank you!!!