Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pink's: Over-ratings over-looked.

signI’ve road by Pink’s countless number of times, looked at the line wrapping around the adjacent antique shop, shook my head wondering why anyone would wait in that long of a line for a hot dog, and kept on riding. If you want to enjoy a Pink’s dining experience minus the ridiculous wait time, try having a dog for breakfast or at least an early morning lunch like I did. The infamous and staggering line can spoil ones appetite and attitude towards the legendary hot dog stand. I’ve had Pink’s on one other occaission. The line single handedly ruined my lunch. It is almost impossible to live up to such hype and publicity that Pink’s has acquired though the years. When you break things down, it’s just a hot dog, plain and simple. When you filter out all the hype and enjoy Pink’s for what it truly is, which is a greasy little hot dog stand, you can be at peace with your wiener and enjoy it in serenity. I enjoyed the Pink’s chili cheese dog. The dog had a nice snap, the chili, cheese, and mustard, worked well together and were all contained rather neatly as far as chili cheese dogs go. The dining room is tiny yet filled with celebrity pictures wall to wall. I loved the fact that it was so empty, it’s like being at home plate of an empty Yankee Stadium, or all alone in the Sistine Chapel. I was expecting to can Pink’s in my review, but not waiting in that line and dealing with the massive crowd truly made all the difference.